Opificium expresses its character through the genuine vibrancy of
a mosaic of aromas. It describes a land that lies on the border between the magnificence
of the Republic of Venice and the glimmering East, wedged between the
Alps and the Mediterranean, among the memories of the Roman Empire and the
old botanical know-how of the Celtic peoples.
Friulian by birth, excellent by nature, proud by tradition.
Liquoreria Friulana by vocation.


When flavours express the art and culture of the region, taste becomes experience. Liquoreria
Friulana's Opificium range was created in Spilimbergo, the world-famous town of mosaics with its
spectacular medieval centre. The crystal-clear GIN recalls the waters of the Tagliamento River on
which the town stands; the gold of the BITTERS echoes the magnificence of Venetian rule, whose signs
remain clearly visible in the local art; and the aromas of the VERMOUTH evoke the typicity of
Verduzzo Friulano and the winegrowing excellence of these lands. The balsamic aromas of AMARO
bring us back to stable meadows of the nearby Friulian Dolomites.
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Our passion is rooted in an ancient land that has been a crossroads of peoples and cultures
for thousands of years. Tradition, botanical expertise and the painstaking selection of ingredients
combine to make the Opificium range a symbol of excellence and the star of Liquoreria Friulana's production.
A mosaic of aromas is expressed in the products of the Opificium range.
The botanical scents of the Friulian Dolomites and the Carnic Alps marry the aromas of the
Mediterranean Sea that laps at the Friulian lagoons. The result is an elegant combination of
wormwood, gentian and masterwort that mingles with citrusy notes of sweet and bitter orange,
juniper, Calabrian bergamot, clary sage and Verduzzo Friulano.
Opificium Gin is the result of Liquoreria Friulana's passion, artisanal skill and quest for excellence.
The carefully selected juniper berries are enhanced by typically Mediterranean aromas of citrus
fruits, such as lemon, bitter orange, Calabrian bergamot and mandarin.
It is a noble spirit that can either be savoured pure to capture the elegance of every single note, or used
to give a unique touch to the great classic cocktails in which gin has always played a starring role.
The purity and transparency
of a great crystal-clear gin.
The nose opens with juniper,
evolving into citrusy hints
dominated by Calabrian
bergamot and blonde orange,
followed by faintly spicy
end notes.
On the palate it is elegant,
dry and leisurely, with fresh,
tangy notes and a delicate
citrus finish.
Age-old recipes for medicinal herbs are still used to create the elegant bitter notes of
Opificium Bitters, where the Alps meet the Mediterranean, while affording a glimpse of the
glimmering East beyond.
Sweet and bitter orange are combined with wormwood from the Friulian Dolomites and gentian, following
a unique recipe that brings out the violet scent of the iris rhizome and the "burning" power of masterwort,
enfolded in the exotic, seductive aroma of cascarilla on the finish.
Bitters with unique,
fascinating hues of gold
and amber, the natural colour
of the safflower blossom.
The nose opens with hints of
wormwood and bitter orange
and progresses through grassy,
slightly peppery notes to
end with an exotic flourish.
The plush palate is nicely
balanced by prominent balsamic
notes of expertly macerated
Friulian herbs and a hint of
sweetness, while the carefully
calibrated use of quassia wood
ensures a bitter finish.
Opificium Vermouth is brimming with Friulian pride, for it is produced exclusively from the prized Verduzzo
native grape variety, which lends it its unmistakable vibrant flavour.
The quality of this wine is combined with an attentive selection of botanicals: a skilled and spicy, bittersweet
mixture of herbs and plants, including, wormwood and clary sage from the Friulian Dolomites and bitter orange,
whose citrusy notes imbue it with the aroma of the Mediterranean.
Merano 2021
A pervasive,
deep amber
The rich nose combines decidedly
bitter notes, such as wormwood
and cinchona, with heady citrus
nuances, accompanied by a
hint of spices and sweet woods.
The slightly tannic palate is
enfolding, revealing bitter and
citrusy notes countered by almost
honeyed balsamic overtones with
hints of tobacco, and culminates
in a fresh, lingering finish.
From the natural aromas and scents of the Carnic Pre-Alps and the Friulian Dolomites,
the idea of this bitter was born. It expresses the essence of nature locked in this regions land.
A few, precious ingredients: elegant bitter notes from Achillea and Centaura minor, balsamic character
from Serpyll Thyme and Peppermint, herbs picked during flowering to express the maximum
concentration of flavouring ingredients.
We infuse the herbs in the mineral waters from the Friulian Dolomites.
The low sugar content lets the natural fresh bouquet come through, with scents of freshly cut grass.
A bitter with a
deep amber colour,
with warm intense tones.
Surprising notes of a fresh
harvest typical of our meadows,
with the front notes of camomile,
followed by hints of balsamic, mint and thyme.
Delicately sweet, warm and cosy,
followed by the sensation of
pleasant bitter notes.

Opificium cocktails

Lady Amelie


Inserire tutti gli ingredienti in uno shaker, colmare di ghiaccio e shakerare. Filtrare con uno strainer in un Tumbler basso colmo di ghiaccio, guarnire con arancia essiccata e cannella.
- 5 cl Amaro Opificium
- 3 cl succo d'arancia fresco
- 1,5 cl sciroppo di cannella
- 0,5 cl succo di lime
Friuli Ice Tea


Inserire tutti gli ingredienti in uno shaker colmo di ghiaccio e shakerare energicamente.
"Strainare" in un bicchiere (Collins) e decorare con ciuffo di menta.
- 4,5 cl Gin Opificium
- 6 cl infuso di tè lapsang souchong
- 2 cl sciroppo di zucchero
- 1,5 cl succo di limone
- 1 dash bitter camomilla
Per creare l'infuso, mettere 3 bustine di tè in 1,5 litri di acqua tiepida e lasciarlo raffreddare in frigo.

Mrs Guendaline

Inserire tutti gli ingredienti tranne il prosecco, in uno shaker colmo di ghiaccio e shakerare energicamente. "Strainare" il tutto all'interno di un flute precedentemente raffreddato e versare il prosecco fino quasi a riempire il flute.
- 3 cl Bitter Opificium
- 2 cl sciroppo di sambuco
- 1 cl succo di limone
- 1 cl sciroppo di zucchero
- Fill up prosecco

Old Wood Bridge

Inserire all'interno di un bicchiere (Fashioned) lo sciroppo di miele ed un dash di Bitter all'arancia e amalgamare il tutto con un barspoon o un piccolo frullino, inserire 4/5 cubetti di ghiaccio e versare il Vermut e "stirriamo" per 1 minuto, inserire 4/5 cubetti e versare il bourbon e mescolare per 1 minuto, aggiungere 2/3 cubetti e "stirrare" ancora 20 secondi, finire strizzando uno zest di arancia per dare profumo al drink con gli oli essenziali.
- 2,5 cl sciroppo miele
- 1 dash bitter arancia
- 3 cl bourbon
- 2 cl Vermut Opificium
- zest arancia
Per creare lo sciroppo di miele sciogliere in un pentolino 500g di miele in 1 litro di acqua e riscaldare a fuoco lento fino a che il composto non diventa omogeneo.